Growing Spiritual Grit for Teenagers: 40 Devotions


Strength for the Tough Stuff


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By Mikal Keefer
Foreword by Rick Lawrence

Strength for the Tough Stuff

Life’s full of tough stuff. Maybe you’re even going through some hard things right now. (That’s completely normal…but not exactly fun, right?)

To get through these hard things, you need grit. Grit is the determination to stick it out when challenges and obstacles come your way. Grit doesn’t always come easily or naturally; instead, you practice it until your strength and resilience grow.

This devotion will help you practice. It focuses on one person who’s really good at making you stronger: Jesus. And then it shares his techniques for building grit in your life. Through short prayer ideas, Bible notes, questions for you to think about, and things to try, you can begin growing your grit starting now.


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