The Essential Guide to My New Life with Jesus



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By Scott Rubin

The Essential Guide to My New Life With Jesus is a practical, encouraging tool that walks you through the “what’s next” of your faith. Whether you're a brand new Christian or simply want to build your relationship with Jesus, this easy-to-read guide answers questions about the most exciting journey you’ll ever go on. With insight from the Bible and plenty of humor, the short but info-packed chapters are designed to help you experience the thrill and everyday rhythms of following Jesus.

This guide covers dozens of topics for new and growing Christians, including Bible reading, prayer, relationships, faith-sharing, and doubts. Plus, you'll discover how to be sure you're a Christian and what some “churchy” words really mean.

At its core, following Jesus is about a growing relationship with him and other Christians, so this book encourages lots of face-to-face conversations with experienced Jesus-followers.

About the author:
Scott Rubin is director of Elevate, the junior high ministry at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. He’s worked with their middle school students, volunteers, and parents for more than 15 years. Scott, who’s also a speaker and tweets a bit @Scott_Rubin, has written LIVE™ 5th & 6th Grade, Middle School Ministry, and The Red Stuff. He likes his wife, his three sons (all teenagers), and Michigan State basketball. He just wishes Chicago was next to the ocean.


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