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By Doug Fields

Let's face it--—a lot of kids think the Bible is boring. It was written by old people (like your age, they think), it isn't relevant, and it's hard to read. And many students believe the ONLY way to read it is to spend time each morning using the same little booklet their mom uses. So not true!

With Creative Times With God, Doug Fields breaks the mold on how students can dig into God's Word. Part devotional, part Q&A, part journal, part critical thinking exercises, and part woolly mammoth, it helps students who don't fit the mold discover the Bible as the relevant, life-changing book it really is.

Some people can read the Bible the same way at the same time each day. Most of us can't. That's the beauty of this book. It will tap into teenagers' creative juices and help them discover the joy—yes, the JOY—of picking up the Bible every day. Each chapter offers a creative, engaging approach to exploring a verse or passage of Scripture and discovering powerful truths from God's Word.

And once teenagers experience flexibility, creativity, freedom, and joy in daily devotions and Bible reading, they're on their way to a lifelong habit that will help them mature and grow in their spiritual journey.

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