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The first-ever mobile video game to help kids learn and practice character traits in the real world.


Buddy Quest—A fun character-building App for kids

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Buddy Quest is the first-ever mobile video game to help kids learn and practice character building in the real world. This faith-based kid’s app makes it easy for parents to have meaningful, face-to-face conversations with your kids about what’s most important in life.

How Buddy Quest Works…

Buddy Quest works because it combines what kids enjoy (play) with what parent’s value (action).

  1. KIDS PLAY THE GAME - Kids follow the adventures of the characters (Buddies) in the mobile game. They help Buddies use character traits to solve their problems on each quest.
  2. KIDS GET REAL-LIFE QUESTS - As kids learn about character traits in the game, they do simple activities that give them a chance to practice the traits in real life.
  3. PARENTS GET CONNECTED - The Buddy Box Parent Portal alerts moms and dads when their child has a new real-life quest. After chatting with their kids about the character trait, parents tap their approval.
  4. KIDS UNLOCK REWARDS - Once approved, the child moves forward in the game. Kids earn rewards as they practice character traits in the real world again and again

Ready to see your kids shine? Download Buddy Quest today! Or learn more at buddyquest.com.

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