Bold Parenting--Raising Kids to Be More Than Just Rule-Keepers



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Bold Parenting

By Lars Rood

What kind of parent does God want you to be?

Sometimes we think God calls us to parenting children who follow the rules. We want our children to obey the speed limit, cordially deliver apples to their teachers, and help old ladies walk across the street. We passionately focus on helping our kids shine in the classroom, excel in sports, and succeed in the arts.

But does God has an even higher calling for you as a parent?

As you read the pages of Bold Parenting, veteran youth worker Lars Rood, a husband, and father of three will challenge you to think more deeply and more clearly about the faith you’re responsible for passing on to your children. This book will examine the traps we fall into as parents directing the spiritual journey of our kids. It will also discuss resources and ideas that can help you to redirect the faith journey toward a rich, robust, real connection with Jesus.

Bold Parenting will help you discover the joy and rewards of passing on your faith story to your children. And if you’re also a teacher or youth worker, this book and its accompanying study questions will help you guide parents along this amazing journey.


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