Best of Buddies Storybook Set


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By Jeff White

Kids will discover that they are unique creations of God. And they’ll love joining Decker, Skyler, Bubba, Abbee, and Tina as these buddies celebrate their God-given talents and discover five important, life-changing lessons:

  • God made them for a reason (I’ve Got This!)
  • God is always with them (Is Anyone Out There?)
  • God made them (I Was Born for This!)
  • God will always love them (Uh-Oh! I Did It Again!)
  • God is always for them (I Can Do Anything!)

The exact lessons parents want to sink deep into their kids’ hearts and minds!

Packed with vibrant full-color illustrations and relationship-reinforcing Bible truths, kids (ages 4 ) will delight in these engaging stories as they draw closer to Jesus.

They’ll want to read the complete five-book series!

(The Buddies featured in the Best of Buddies series are from Group’s Maker Fun Factory Vacation Bible School)


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