99 Thoughts About Guys: For Girls


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99 Thoughts about Teenage Guys: For Girls' Eyes Only

By Kurt Johnston with Katie Edwards


In some ways, a guy’s mind seems incredibly simple. So why are dudes always so confounding, especially to girls?

Luckily, youth pastor extraordinaire Kurt Johnston has spent decades figuring out the brains of teenage boys —including his own noggin. And with some extra insights from fellow youth worker Katie Edwards, they’ have crafted a humorous, yet incredibly helpful, handbook on unwrapping the male brain.

While written with girls as an audience, this book also fills a much-needed hole in any youth worker’s bookshelf or parent’s reading list.

Topics include:

  • Guys 101
  • How To Be Friends With A Guy
  • What Guys Are Looking For In A Girl
  • You’re On A Date...Now What?
  • And many, many more!


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