99 Thoughts on Hearing God's Call



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99 Thoughts on Hearing God's Call

By Johnny Scott

Teenagers don’t strive to be ordinary. They’re passionate about making a difference and leading lives that matter. But discerning how to follow God’s plan in this whole process can be daunting. How do they recognize God’s call? How do they know if they’re following God’s path or their own path?

99 Thoughts on Hearing God’s Call will help your teenager on this adventure. Drawing on his own experience as a youth pastor and a staff member at the Christ In Youth Ministry, author Johnny Scott will help your teenagers discover how to recognize God’s lead and how to pursue God’s specific call on their lives.

They’ll gain some truths from men and women in the Bible who were heroes because of their willingness to trust and obey God and follow his call on their lives. And Johnny passes along wisdom and advice on knowing when God is leading in a specific direction and staying focused on what matters most.

Help your teenagers lead extraordinary lives of significance as they recognize, hear, and follow God’s call. God has amazing plans for their lives!

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