24/7: Living for God in Real Life



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By Tim Levert

If you’'re like a lot of teenagers we know, you want to passionately follow Jesus, lead a faith-filled life, and trust God more. In other words, you want to live and reveal God’'s kingdom in the ordinary, everyday moments of life.

But what does that actually look like —and how can you do it?

Author, Tim Levert, has written 24/7 as an “instruction guide” on living as a committed follower of Jesus. It’'s organized around an average day in your life, and each chapter offers solid thoughts on living God’'s kingdom and revealing God’'s kingdom.

24/7 will give you specific, practical suggestions, and then challenge you to think about what else you can do— — next steps in living out your faith.

As you journey through this book, you'’ll be inspired and invited to trust and follow Jesus’' words and example in your life!

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