10-Minute Moments: Renew



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10-Minute Moments: Renew

James Grout and Ben Stewart

Use 10-Minute Moments: Renew to help your teen discover how God's love can help them hit the reset button in their life.

Good news: God is in the business of giving second chances and renewing our lives! This journal-like, engaging devotional sets up teens to read a Bible passage,  chew on a few questions, and write down their thoughts.

Renewal is a constant theme of the Bible because God loves to make things new! God created this world perfectly, but sin tarnished everything, and humanity's close, intimate relationship with God was interrupted. But God set a plan in motion to make things new again, and that process of renewing everything continues today.

As your teenager spends time with God through this 30-day devotional book, they'll witness how he brings renewal to this world, to our communities, and to each of his children--including your teenager. They'll examine real-life experiences of people from the Bible in this book and discover how God renewed their lives--and teens will discover how God wants to renew them, their identity, their community, and their world.

Get ready for God to renew your teenagers day by day!

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