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(Podcast) What your infertile friend wishes you knew

Episode 015: What your infertile friend wishes you knew

Alright--we admit that at first you might think infertility is kind of a Debbie-Downer topic. BUT WAIT! We learned that one in eight couples struggle with infertility, which means there's a really good chance that someone you know is dealing with it right now (and because it's such a private issue, you may not even know it).

As it turns out, both Becky and I (Steph) have faced this issue and one thing we've realized along our journey is how much people want to say and do the right things for their friends and family facing infertility...but don't always know how. Well--that's our goal for this episode: To give you ideas about how to support your friends struggling with infertility.

Listen above for our "true confessions," tips for what to say, and cheers for all of you loving on your friends and family. We all need each other, and appreciate you!

(Special note: If you're dealing with infertility yourself, this episode will also give you good ideas for how to gently coach your tribe on how to support you. Also--email us! We're still on this journey, so let's help each other stay encouraged.)

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