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(Podcast) Two real life money stories

Season 2, Episode 008: Two real life money stories

Women will talk about almost everything, including what we wore three days ago and which new diet program our neighbor is trying. So why is it that we have a hard time talking candidly about money? (Ahem—your latest bargain win doesn’t count….)

Kami and Steph tackle the taboo topic in this episode with a few compelling money factoids that may surprise you, plus two real life money stories from their life. Hopefully this will be the first of many talks on Jesus and “the green stuff” in our lives.

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  • Katelyn M

    I really enjoyed this episode. I can appreciate Kamis section about budgeting. I was doing our expense until we had our children and I had to pass it off to my husband. I feel out of the loop. Could you share more about the budget you use in your family. It sounded very through, which I love!!! I am a numbers girl. Thanks for any examples you can share!!!

  • kathy w

    Sorry ladies, you aren’t using facts, this is very opinion based. Maybe that is your whole program. I self financed college, a professional for 30 years, raised 2 sons alone, invested & managed own finances, generously give and volunteer. The most disappointing thing to me is being lumped into a “we” category, because I am female. These sound like excuses. Either your serious about money and your finances or your not. I am opposite of everything you are saying.

    • Stephanie Hillberry

      Hi Kathy–thanks for your feedback. You are completely correct–this episode was about our money stories, not about advising people about how to use their money. We aren’t experts, and openly state that on the show. Ultimately our encouragement is for people to listen to God as he directs their lives, including his guidance for their money. We’re serious about that, not about telling people what they should do.

  • Cindy

    Nice podcast-I’ll be listening to you ladies again. I think money is on most of our minds, especially moms. It’s our security, and we scrimp because 1. We’re really good at it, 2. It’s a penny saved penny earned mentality. Problem is when we scrimp too much on ourselves. Then we start feeling neglected(hello-we’re still the first to neglect ourselves!!). Having breathing room in the budget helps me take care of myself, treat the kids, give with an open mind/wallet, and helps my husband’s sanity knowing there’s money in the bank. There are a lot of husbands out there that think it’s all on them-a huge stressor that can be a burden on a marriage. let the discussions begin!

    • Stephanie Hillberry

      We’re glad you liked it, Cindy! You’re right to bring up the stress money can put on a marriage, especially for the primary earner. I feel that burden myself. Let’s keep talking…

  • Brhittney

    I am a single mother (theologian) Ordained Minister; and I have sooo many testimonies of failing God when it comes to my finances. I was raised in a home where money was not discussed, and when I started making money I was super young and unacquainted with money. I love this podcast.. because I see I’m not alone. I just wanted to say that I definitely need prayer. I Believe that Jesus wants me to trust Him with my finances. It’s not always easy, but I’m trying so hard to just trust Him. Pray for me.
    A confused Money Earner!!

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