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(Podcast) Living With The Invisible Rabbi

Season 2, Episode 32: Living With The Invisible Rabbi

When we hear the term "rabbi," we often associate it with the Jewish equivalent of a pastor. But when we do this, we miss out on a unique and overlooked perspective that transforms how we view the Holy Spirit, and how he works in our lives.

Join Rick and Becky as they dive into the role of rabbis in the Old Testament, and explore their uniquely powerful relationship with a student apprentice called a "talmid." This relationship was VERY different from what we experience with our faith leaders today, but it's very much what Jesus wants us to have with his Spirit, the Invisible Rabbi.

In this episode you'll zoom in on John 15 & 16 vs Acts 1-3, and discover how Jesus removed the highly exclusive role of a talmid so that all of us can be transformed by the Rabbi within us.

This conversation about our Invisible Rabbi features an exclusive sneak peek of Rick's upcoming book, Spiritual Grit (releasing April 2018), where he shares the top six practices of following the Rabbi within us PLUS an invitation to take a Grit Quiz that measures your personalized spiritual grit score.

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  • Shane Bekker

    Just though I’d leave an acrostic of GRIT = God’s Revealed Invisible Tenacity. Definitely looking forward to your book in 2018. The revelation of relationship between Rabbi and Talmid changes my whole perspective of how intentional am I in learning and growing to be like Jesus. Yet Jesus showed His grace to us, and CHOSE US, and made the yoke easy and the burden light so we could effectively relate with Him.

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