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(Podcast) Jesus' Inaugural Address

Season 2, Episode 002: Jesus' Inaugural Address

 It's Luke chapter 4 beginning with verse 18. Jesus has finished his time of tempting in the desert. He has come back to his home town of Nazareth and is giving his inaugural speech into ministry. This is the speech that results in him being kicked out and rejected in his home town. Join us as we ZOOM in on this story the story of a speech about setting captives free.
This week Rick Lawrence and Becky Hodges will be joined by special guest Carl Medearis. Carl is a dear friend to us, a lover and follower of Jesus and also an international expert in the field of Arab-American and Muslim-Christian relations. Carl also hosts a gathering of people who simply want to love and follow Jesus in the mountains of Colorado. We will be there again this year camping and communing with others about Jesus, we would LOVE to have you there. Learn more at

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  • Jeff Printy

    Thank you! I would have enjoyed hearing more from Carl. He is advertised as the guest and I believe he was under represented in the conversation.

    • Becky Hodges

      Hi Jeff- we LOVE having Carl on the show and he will definitely be back again. You might also consider heading to the mountains with us this July at the Simply Jesus Gathering. It’s a weekend of just hanging around camp talking to Carl. =)

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