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(Podcast) Hope for when life feels like it's passing you by

Episode 007: Hope for when life feels like it’s passing you by

Doesn't it sometimes feel like life stalls out? One minute you're moving along and then suddenly you find yourself waiting for the next milestone (getting married, getting a "career" job, having a baby) while everyone else passes you by. Whether it's a small milestone or a big one, missing life's "deadlines" can make us feel like we aren't measuring up, and waiting on the sidelines gets lonely.

If this is you, you're not alone. Kami, Stephanie, and Becky all share stories about when their lives deviated from "the plan," and how they've found hope while waiting for God's timing.

**Also, if you're wondering why this episode features Barbie, it will quickly make sense when you start listening...

More from this Episode:

Resource Gush: Jesus-Centered Life, by author Rick Lawrence


Becky shares how The Jesus-Centered Life is a book that greatly impacted her life when she really needed it. While battling two years of infertility, this book helped her to start talking to Jesus and asking the right questions about her future. She now runs a community on Facebook of people who want to live Jesus-centered.  You can join them here.

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