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(Podcast) A friend tells you when you have spinach in your teeth

Episode 017: A friend tells you when you have spinach in your teeth

As three friends who work together, Becky, Kami and Steph talk about the ups and downs of real-life friendships, especially the challenges of balancing quality time with work, family, and...well...sleep.

We'll dish on what qualities we look for in a friend, what makes us feel guilty as friends, and the big hangups that keep girl friendships on the fritz.

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Resource Gush: Drawn In Devotional: a perfectly messy way to experience Jesus

Drawn In messy devotional

Drawn In is a brand-new devotion with the insightful, thought-provoking reflections the left brain loves with the creativity and doodling that the right brain loves.

  • We like it because it gives creative types a chance to talk to Jesus in new ways through sketching, writing, and following fun prompts.
  • Plus it’s just a beautiful design

>> Learn more about Drawn In


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