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(Podcast) When we’re feeling the blahs

Season 2 Episode 006: When we’re feeling the blahs

Whether it’s eating the same thing over and over, or moving through the same daily routine like a zombie, or having the same argument in our head again and again, we’ve all experienced times when we’re stuck in a rut.

In the episode, Kami, Becky and Steph talk about getting stuck in the blahs, focusing on three common root causes that keep us in ruts. Wrapping up with the Apostle Paul’s challenge to find contentment even in ruts, they leave with some practical ideas and mini experiments we can all try when we want to get unstuck.

Kami, Becky and Steph want to hear your ideas for how you like to get out of a rut. For instance, Kami shared about a friend who keeps a gratitude jar, fills it throughout the year, and then reads her notes on New Year’s Eve.

What’s worked for you? Post your thoughts on Instagram @theysaypodcast or on Facebook.

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