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Mysteries of the Universe or Universal Truths?

In all the wisdom of all the ages, humankind has mastered some mysteries of the universe and accomplished things beyond what we ever imagined possible:

We’ve advanced medical research to find cures for diseases that formerly carried a death sentence.

We’ve broken the barrier of sound, walked on the moon, and created a computer small enough to fit in your pocket.

We’ve engineered food, faces, weather, and education.

We’re bigger.  Stronger.  Faster.  (Bonus points if you know the reference!)

But some mysteries of the universe remain – steadfast and stalwart in their confidence that we will never crack their code…as if to do so might cause a shift in the space|time continuum.
These mysteries lie in the unanswered questions we'll always be asking our kids...
  • How is it that your clean socks disappear while your dirty ones multiply?
  • How do you know every line-up of every day on 142 channels but still don’t know whether or not you have homework tonight?
  • Is it possible that the 47th time you open the refrigerator door, something that you want to eat might magically appear?
  • A few months ago, we spent $416.78 on new school clothes…how is it remotely conceivable that you ‘have nothing to wear’?
  • How is it that you need me to do your laundry or put your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, but you do NOT need me to give you counsel on friendships or help with your Algebra homework?  (That actually might be a good thing – since I don’t really understand math.)
  • When going to the beach with friends, you take everything you might ever possibly need for a 36-week stay – but then why did I have to make three trips to school yesterday with your homework, your gym clothes, and money for lunch because  you forgot?
And then, some riddles are just without remedy. And although teenagers seem to lead in this area, we parents have a couple up our sleeves, as well. But these aren't as much mysteries of the universe as they are universal truths.

No matter how old or responsible or far away you get, I'll always be your dad.

Love, in all its simplicity, trumps every rude thing that you’ve ever said to me.

You are never more than a breath away from my heart, mind and soul. 

You are a spectacular marvel despite my repeated attempts to screw you up.

I love you beyond measure….but that, actually, is no mystery at all.


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