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Meet The Team

Friends have their friends e-mail addresses,  so we think you should have ours. We'd love to pray for you, hear your ideas and feedback, and understand how we can help you and your family grow in your relationship with Jesus and each other—because that's our specialty. You can learn more about who we are below.

Melissa TowersMelissa here.  My friends say that I'm the one that keeps everything moving in the right direction! When I'm not here, I'm "momming" my two teenage kids. I love a clean and tidy house, but dislike cleaning with a passion. Lucky for me, I have those two teenage kids I mentioned and a husband who likes to do laundry! Send me a message at

Karen HenningsHey there, I’m Karen! My marketing mind loves spreadsheets, bright colors, and organized chaos! My favorite title is “Mommy” to my son and I love spending time with my family! I’m known for my very loud and contagious laugh! (I only have one volume…it’s how my husband finds me in stores!) Football season is my favorite time of year…I love the CSU Rams and am a proud owner of the Green Bay Packers! (P.S. I love using ellipses and exclamation points!) Drop me an email at

Adam BohlmeyerOh hey, it’s Adam. I’m a jack of all trades here at Lifetree, and you may see me designing web pages, writing blogs, or even behind the control board of a podcast recording. When I’m not at the office, I’m likely chasing around my very active 2-year-old boy (I do mean very active!) with my lovely wife of 5 years. I’m a sports nerd, a hiker, and am actively working on loving God and loving others. Send me a message at

stephheadshotI'm Stephanie. In my day job here, I love creating e-books, courses, and challenges that help people make Jesus the center of our lives, and I co-host our They Say podcast. I’m a craft-loving, capsule-wardrobe-wearing, hike-taking Jesus follower. When my nose isn’t stuck in a book, I'm trying to purge my stuff (minimalism is my  latest crush), spending time with my husband of 13 years, and enjoying the company of close friends. Drop me a line at

Craig CableNice to meet you! When I’m not thinking of new ways to help individuals and families grow in a relationship with Jesus and each other, I’m enjoying time with my incredible wife and four kiddos ranging from 26 to 11. I have a huge passion for the outdoors, and there’s no better place than Colorado to live that out. Feel free to email me at if you have any ideas for how we can better serve you, or if you have a hot tip for where to go fishing. Either way, I’m all in!

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