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Silly, quirky, curious kids interested in making new friends, taking real life adventures, & spreading hope around the world.

Must enjoy playing, singing, dancing, making messes, building things, learning new stuff, meeting new people, and laughing. A lot.

If interested, please join Buzzly and his gang of Buddies as they...

get to know Jesus
get to know Jesus (psst! this is different than just knowing about Jesus. It's more like being friends with him and knowing what he likes to do and what he likes to talk about and who he's hanging out with.)
grow in stature
(aka fancy-schmancy grown-up way of saying doing good stuff like standing up for what's right, having courage, sharing respect, etc.)
(unless of course you think puzzles and games and science experiments and singing and animals and videos aren't fun...)

Are you in? Hooooooray!

Here's some fun stuff we've been working on lately that we think you'll like:

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Cave Buddies Activity Books

Keep the fun of Group’s Cave Quest VBS going year-round as your kids join Buzzly and his buddies through mystery mazes, hidden pictures, coloring pages, fun facts, Bible verses, what they’ve learned about Jesus, and more!

Buddy Box

Buddy Boxes

Buddy Boxes are an interactive way to get kids excited about growing their relationship with the best buddy of all—Jesus! Each crazy-fun themed box is bursting with faith-filled surprises that will help your kids see that God’s love is relevant, real, and lots of fun!


My First Hands-On Bible

My First Hands-On Bible gives younger kids (ages 3-6) the same chance to experience the Bible in a way that’s just for them. One-point lessons. Bible stories told with real Scripture (the easy-to-read NLT). And fun activities that make a lasting impression on children's thoughts and hearts.

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Lifetree Kids YouTube Channel

Lifetree Kids has your favorite Group Vacation Bible School videos, plus bonus videos that are educational, faith-based and FUN for kids! Created by parents and educators, these videos help your kids grow in a relationship with Jesus and others in everyday ways that make faith and character stick throughout their whole lives!

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