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Kid's Bible Apps

Bring the Bible to life for preschoolers!

Lifetree’s Bible apps help you and your preschoolers explore the Bible in fun and memorable ways!

The My First Hands-On Bible app lets preschoolers experience God’s Word, not just read it. It includes motions, sounds, and simple activities that kids do with their parents and grandparents. It instills a love for the Bible while giving parents & grandparents unforgettable memories of growing their child’s faith...together.

There are four My First Hands-On Bible Apps to enjoy, including:


My First Hands-On Bible: God in the Beginning App

This app contains five stories from the book of Genesis: God Creates the World, God Creates People, Adam and Eve's Sin, Noah and the Flood, and God's Rainbow Promise.



God's Family Promises App

My First Hands-On Bible: God's Family Promises App

This app follows five stories from the life of Abraham and his sons and
grandsons, including God's Promise to Abraham, Joseph's Colorful Coat, and Joseph Forgives His Brothers.



The First Christmas Story App

My First Hands-On Bible: The First Christmas Story App

This app contains five stories about the birth of Jesus: An Angel Appears to Mary, An Angel Appears to Joseph, Jesus Is Born, Shepherds Hear About Jesus, and Wise Men Visit Jesus.



The First Easter App

My First Hands-On Bible: The First
Easter App

This app DOUBLE PACK gives you 10 stories surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, including: Jesus Rides a Donkey, Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet, The Last Supper, Jesus Prays in the Garden, Jesus Dies on a Cross, Jesus Comes Back to Life, Thomas Doubts Jesus, Jesus Goes to Heaven, Life in Heaven, Jesus Is Coming Back.



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