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In Honor Of Our Many Mothers


Hallmark holiday.


Best. Day. Of. The. Year.

Mother’s Day has been called many things. Some of us love it. Others—not so much.

Regardless of our varied feelings, though, we can all agree on one thing: motherhood is a wonderful gift. Whether we are moms ourselves, or have moms we love, or wish to be moms, there’s something truly powerful and unique about this special role.

During the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, our team here at Lifetree Family has been thinking about the different ways we can honor moms. We talked about videos, special cards, poems (ahem…this idea got shot down pretty quickly when we realized how quickly poetry can go terribly awry), or crafts. But during our conversation, one idea kept coming back to us.

Here’s what it was:

Mother’s Day isn’t just a day for our moms,
or for us as moms.

Because some of us don’t have our moms with us anymore.

Some of us have difficult relationships with our moms, and this holiday is hard.

Some of us don’t have children of our own, but love others like a mom.

Some of us are foster moms. Adoptive moms. Neighbors. Friends. Mentors. Teachers. Coaches. Grandmas. Aunts. Sisters.

For us, the art of mothering extends beyond traditional bounds. And we, too, have been mothered by many women like us, sprinkled throughout our past and present, leaving an imprint.

So this week we are honoring motherhood by celebrating our Many Mothers, whether they’re stepmoms, or grandmothers, or other women who pour into our lives and leave us better for how they’ve left a loving influence.

We’d love for you to join us.

Leave a comment below or tag a woman in your life who has been like a mom to you and share your thanks for all she’s done. Let’s celebrate our #ManyMothers together this week.

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  • Patty Stroup

    A Mother’s Lullaby
    A lullaby whispers in my heart,
    a melody of love and care,
    a song of hope and promises
    that you would always be there.

    A mother’s lullaby,
    for the child she loves so dear,
    a gentle touch to wipe away each tear,
    and if awakened in the night,
    the sweetest voice calmed every fear.

    A lullaby whispers in my heart,
    a song only a mother can sing,
    a song that is sung without any words,
    a heavenly connection,
    a mother, a child,
    one heart together.

    As the years pass
    in those quiet moments,
    I still hear your sweet lullaby,
    A mother’s voice,
    reaching out to say, “I love you!”

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Thanks to all the Moms I have been blessed with in my life. You filled my heart with a song. You gifted me with your wisdom, your love, with joy and with peace. This poem is dedicated to: Joan, Ida, Bonnie, Joyce, Marge and Joani.

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