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Make Easter Memorable!

As we approach another Easter impacted by the pandemic, we want to acknowledge that changing our normal holiday traditions is not any easier the second time around. However, we also know that God has equipped you to lead your family's Easter celebrations and to make them memorable!

To help, check out these four ideas for families with kids of all ages! In this packet, you'll find:

  • Ice Cream Seder Activity
  • "Just Like Heaven" Activity Page
  • "Jumping Washcloth" Outreach Idea
  • Joyful Coloring Page

Looking for a way to spread Easter joy to families around you?

  1. Pack up an Easter basket (or bag!) for each family you'll bless.
  2. Print out one of these family activity packs for each basket.
  3. Add some fun treats, too! Think Easter eggs, candy, small toys, anything!
  4. Include an invitation to your Easter service (online services, too!).
  5. Deliver to every family on your list, and let the celebration begin

Looking for ideas for meaningful Easter gifts for volunteers and children in your ministry? Check out these awesome resources!

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