The big deal about Jesus

All of our lives orbit around something. For Christians, it's easy to say that our lives orbit around Jesus. But the truth is that we have a lot of things competing to be our center: Family [...]


Jesus-Centered: Why all the "shoulds"?

"It's wrong to should people into a love relationship, and it's worse than wrong--actually, heretical--to should people into a love relationship with Jesus." --Rick Lawrence, The Jesus-Centered [...]


Jesus-Centered: The First And Only Question That Really Matters in Life

It's easy for us to mold Jesus into our ideas about him, but Rick shares in this video that these ideas about Jesus are flawed. The only way to really know Jesus is...


Jesus-Centered: The Second and Only Question That Really Matters

"At the core of who we really are--the most basic truth about our identity--is this: "He's with me." More than our accomplishments and failures and gifts and irritations, we are defined by what [...]

Jesus-Centered: Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus

Generally we're not very good at paying attention, and specifically we aren't good at paying attention to Jesus. Here's why it's worth trying harder.


21 Days of Centering on Jesus is Over...

You just Spent 21-Days Centering on Jesus, how was it? What's next? Get Jesus-Centered Life for $10 (over 40% off!). Use Promo Code: Jesus Offer expires in one week. Limited to one use per [...]