Who are the Buddies?

Bee 4

Hi there! I’m Buzzly Bee—the head Buddy here at Buddy Box. My friends and I are buzzing with excitement over meeting your kids—literally! When I announced that we’re going to get the chance to come into your homes and help your kids get to know Jesus better, everyone jumped up and down raising their hands saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” To keep it fair, I have to pick a name out of my hive every month.

My friends and I were created by the amazingly creative people at Group Publishing—a company dedicated to helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus for more than 40 years. We’ve been singing, dancing, and getting to know kids around the world through Group’s vacation Bible school programs since 2001! As the head Buddy around here, I talked to my friends at Group and my friends at Lifetree Family and pitched the idea to let us come into your homes and help your kids get to know Jesus better. And they said YES!

I’ve picked some of my friends to jump in a box and travel all the way to your house to tell your kids all about Jesus and his love for them. We’ll make sure your kids know that Jesus is alive today and help them see him at work in their own lives every day. Your kids will be encouraged to share their Buddy Box experiences with you so that your entire family grows closer together and with Jesus.

We can’t wait to meet you!