Monthly Series for Parents of High School Seniors: July

Note: each month we're giving parents of seniors a spiritually encouraging "checklist" to capture the best moments from senior year. Sign up to automatically get a full year's worth of [...]

(Podcast) The War on Sin

Join Rick and special guest Tom Melton, a longtime pastor who’s now a leadership and business consultant, as they take a deep dive into the “Jesus way” of rooting out and overcoming sin in our [...]

(Podcast) Dependence > Discipline

Jesus is about to send His disciples on a daunting (to say the least) mission, so what does He do to help them out? He takes every last support and comfort from them before they leave. What [...]

(Podcast) Overcoming a Culture of "Try Harder to Get Better"

How did “self-discipline” become both an idol and a prison? Join us as we focus on what it means to abide in Jesus and see discipline result as a fruit in our lives.

(Podcast) How to Put Discipline In Its Place

When it comes to living a dependent life with Jesus, how much of it is about our effort, and how much is about His effort? Join us this week as we dive into Paul's message—to two different [...]