(Podcast) 600 Days of 24/7 Jesus

What if your relationship with Jesus was a 24/7 event where he is invited into every moment, not just a set period of time often brought about a typical quiet time? Join Becky and special guest [...]

(Podcast) Does Everything Happen for A Reason?

Join us as Rick and Becky tackle a mud puddle story that many of you have been asking for us to do, when Jesus curses the fig tree in Mark chapter 11. We will zoom in on what Jesus was really [...]

(Podcast) Jesus Was the Worst Self-Help Guru Ever

What does ‘self-help’ look like through the eyes of Jesus? Join us this week in the Old Testament as we look at the story of Gideon putting out a fleece as a way to be sure that he knew what God [...]

(Podcast) What if your life is wasted?

In a world dominated by the pursuit of the American dream, what does it look like to sacrificially give your very best to the Lord, even if he wastes it? Join Rick and Becky as they journey into [...]


Can Christians agree to disagree?

“I believe in God, but I don’t know if I believe everything in the Bible. Is that okay?” Kayla sat across from me, her hands rubbing together as if she were cold. She wiggled uncomfortably and [...]


One thing my husband and I do every week and why

There’s this great movie called Failure to Launch about a guy named Tripp who's in his thirties and still living with his parents. The story line follows Tripp as he meets a woman, falls in love [...]

(Podcast) What is God's Will?

It's so confusing to think about God's will. This week we're going to zoom in on the story of the Roman soldier who asks Jesus to perform a miracle. We're going to slow way down and pay attention [...]


Why I started bringing my kids "into the mess" with me

While there are times of great joy and celebration when you decide to join Christ in reaching out to the world, you’ll also find hurt people who are going through really tough times. Sure there [...]