(Podcast) What Jesus Says About Your Body

What would it look like if we de-compartmentalized Jesus from our diet and body images and instead invited him into them? Join Rick and Becky as they interview our special guest, Jobe Lewis, and [...]

(Podcast) Partnering with Jesus to Set People Free

Join Rick Lawrence and Becky Hodges as they unpack the lyrics from a popular Christian song written in the 80's about freedom, and talk about what it would look like if we partnered with Jesus to [...]


(Podcast) Namesake: Revealing Who Jesus Says You Are

Join Kami, Becky and Steph as they celebrate the release of a new Jesus-Centered resource called Namesake and zone in on the question of “Who does Jesus say you are?” Along the way, they share [...]

(Podcast) Freedom with Sarah Bessey

An honest conversation about how God is giving this bestselling author greater “freedom from captivity” in life, showing her the true source of discipline, and how gentle the voice of the Holy [...]


Five Ways to Unwind in Under 10 Minutes

My uncle once told me that I should learn to enjoy the slow seasons in life, to rest, and to take the downtime as a gift. Before long, he warned, the floodgates will open, and there will be a lot [...]


The marriage question we're all asking...

I’m a marriage counselor, and it’s rare to meet couples that agree on one of the most common questions I get asked by married people: How often should we be having sex? I don’t know if it’s God’s [...]

(Podcast) When Jesus Names You

What does it look like when Jesus names us? Join us this week as we share our personal stories of being named.


Initiative is a Myth

Initiative is a myth, and I can prove it. Think back to your childhood. Did you do basic household chores without being asked? I’m sure you did because everyone knows today’s moms are perfect in [...]