"Here I am. Send me."

My sisters and I had our hearts and minds opened during these trips as we painted the humble walls of dirt-floored houses and learned that friendship didn’t require knowing the same language.


(Podcast) How to say hard things

Saying hard things stinks, but sometimes it’s the path to freedom. In this podcast episode, Becky and Steph share stories of confrontation from their own lives, including initiating conflict, and [...]

(Podcast) Are We Heading Toward a "Bibleless" Christianity?

Be a part of starting a Bible reading movement this year. Many of our listeners read the Jesus-Centered Bible and we want to encourage you to pick up a half dozen copies and to be praying about [...]


5 Ways I Practically Cast My Cares On God and Why It Works For Me

Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. - Psalm 55:22 I've struggled with anxiety before I even knew what anxiety was. I've always been a [...]


5 Ideas for Adding More Wonder to Your Easter

  We know Easter isn't about the bunnies, eggs, pastels, and chocolate. (Well, maybe its' a little bit about the chocolate...We see you sneaking some out of your kid's basket, along with [...]


(Podcast) Finding Freedom At The Bottom Of The Glass

Get ready to tackle a touchy subject with grace and hope: Drinking. After encountering several blog posts, texts, and talks on booze, Steph, Kami, and Becky decided to dive into a candid [...]

(Podcast) Reading The Bible With A Filter

Join us this week as we take a portion of Matthew 15 and apply a new filter while we read it. Watch as Jesus comes alive, and all of the insights we glean about him from a few paragraphs in the [...]

(Podcast) When The Bible Doesn't Meet Your Expectations

Have you ever read the Bible during your quiet time, but left feeling a little bit empty and with mixed expectations? Join us this week with special guest Dr. Ken Castor as we share our personal [...]


Tangible Moments With God

Sometimes “devotional” time is hard for me. I long for the concrete. I want to relate to God like I relate to friends. Even though I’m not a huggy kind of person with friends, I want to hug God. [...]


Here we go again

Well, it’s happening again. Almost two years ago my family moved from Colorado to Berlin, Germany when my husband accepted a teaching position at a German-American school. At the time I remember [...]


(Podcast) Sex and intimacy with Dr. Tasha Levert

Dr. Tasha Levert joins Kami and Steph for a conversation about sex and intimacy. She offers answers to some of our most pressing questions, like “How often should I be having sex?” and “How do I [...]


Pray, release, repeat

My day started out just like the ones before it. I got up with the alarm clock, started the coffee maker, and hopped in the shower. After that, I started my to-do list for the day. I needed to [...]

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