Why would a good God send anyone to hell? The answer might surprise you…

By far one of the most frequent questions I hear from the students I mentor is, “Why would a loving God send people to hell?” It really bothers and boggles a lot of them, and rightfully so. The [...]


Three tips for mentoring teens

One of the hardest parts about growing up in a Christian home is dealing with doubt. My doubts about faith came early in my teens, and I can recall feeling like there must be something wrong with [...]


The terrifying truth about the gift of grace

“But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.” Ephesians 4:7 I want a lot for my kids. I want them to be happy and successful. I want them to follow their [...]


Before you set your resolutions, do this

They’re probably already there—dozens of emails in my inbox, and updates in my social media feed, promising to help me accomplish ALL my life goals in this upcoming new year. ‘Tis the season for [...]


When our kids hurt our feelings

I walk away and close the door behind me. I'd just tried to talk to my son to see how he’s doing--to see why he seems quiet and upset--and he tells me to just go away. Um...ouch! This has been [...]


Three things to remember when kids start doubting their faith

We were in the midst of our bedtime routine the first time my son admitted to having doubts about his faith. We’d just finished our nightly reading and were preparing to pray when he peeked out [...]

(Podcast) Episode 014: Preparing for a New Year With Jesus

It's that time of year. Exactly one week from now you're going to wake up and instantly start making lists of goals and plans in your head that will help you become the person you want to be this [...]


A simple five-minute exercise to focus on Jesus when you’re stressed at Christmas

Note: We’re doing a 4-week Advent (challenge) to center on Jesus. Learn more and join us here. Christmas crunch time has arrived. In fact, I’m a little shocked you’re reading this because I [...]


3 playful ways to connect to Jesus while you're doing your crazy Christmas thing

It's almost December. The temperatures have dropped, only half of the presents are bought, and none of them are wrapped. The stockings are not hung by the chimney with care, but instead are [...]

(Podcast) Episode 013: Defining humility with Eugene Peterson

In a world that is consumed with themselves and their own happiness it is a certain treasure to see people who are completely unaware of their own success and also not afraid to boldly say [...]


Christmas stress quiz, plus four ideas to help you chill out

Note: We’re doing a 4-week Christmas challenge to center on Jesus. Learn more and join us here. Saying that we want to focus on Jesus during Christmas and actually doing it are two separate [...]


It’s Better to Underprepare for Christmas

Every year it’s the same hopeful mantra… This year, Christmas is going to be different—I’m going to find a way to slow down and focus on “the reason for the season.” I’ll find the time to [...]

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